Thursday, March 31, 2011

What does a Marketer do at a Publishing Company?

Hello!  My Name is Rachel Harrison Brown.  I have the privilege of coming to you as a guest blogger today.  My profession is in marketing.  I work for Legacy Press and we have published at least one title from each of the women who regularly author this blog.  As a marketer at a publishing company, it is my job to communicate to customers what our books are all about so that when they are ready, willing and able to buy, the books are easy to find and purchase.

So to market a new book, I must first ask myself: who is the customer(s) for this particular Legacy Press book?  Most of our books are intended for children to read.  But depending on the book, it can be written for someone from age2-12. That’s a pretty wide range.  I could never have the type of conversation I am having here with a 2 year old, could I?  So, let’s say I want to share our book with 11 year old girls.  What else do I know about them?  They are Christian, right? Right.  Now I look to stores who cater to:
1.      11 years old
2.      Christian
3.      Girls

 Bookstores? Yes.  Club Stores? Yes. Amazon? Yes (With an adult assist, right?).

But what about other ways we can tell people about our books?  Where do customers who fit the description above find out about new books besides in the stores where they buy them in?  Emailing? Internet advertising? Social Media?  Part of my job is to inform the Publisher which of our efforts works best, then to execute those methods. 

One method that works well for us is email.  I create all of the emails that people receive on behalf of our company.  I create them using a tool called Constant Contact.  It gives me guides for creating an email, sends it, then after it is sent it gives me information such as:

·        How many people opened the email
·        Did those who opened it, click on a link
·        Which link they clicked on most often. 

We use this data the next time we send an email so that the information we send most closely matches what the reader is looking for.  If we give them the information they need to buy a book, tell them all of the great information and stories they will get, and ask them to buy, there’s a great chance you (I mean ‘they’) will buy that book. 

Other areas I cover for the company include:
·        New product launches
·        Press releases
·        Website management
·        Blogging
·        Email marketing
·        Internet Advertising
·        Catalog advertising
·        Book Trailers
·        Tradeshows (This means travel.  I am taking my daughter with me to San Antonio Texas soon!)

One of my favorite things about my job is that it combines creativity and statistics (math).  I get to use math and statistics to determine which of the company’s effort work best and then I use my creativity to design emails, write copy, and build effective websites.  It’s a great career for me and I get to work with people like Kathy, Marilyn, Karen and Sherry.  People who care about Christian girls and write books to help them grow into the most amazing women they can be. 

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