Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friends and Basket Fun

Friends are fun. If you have a friend who doesn’t live close it’s really great when you do get together. This week I get you be with several friends I don’t see often and I can hardly wait.

In God’s Girls, the second unit, I wrote about the joy of Mary and Elizabeth when tyhey saw each other. They were relatives and they shared something wonderful. They were both having babies.

This week one of the friends I will see is Kathy-another author on this blog. We are sharing the joy of this blog and getting to know many new girls. We will hug and we may jump up. I know we’ll chat about the blog and what we want to do here.

The craft of decorating a basket with artificial fruit went with the unit on Elizabeth.  Baskets are fun and I collect them. Decorate a basket or other container this month.

Decorate it for spring with flowers
            Fill it with paper petals of reasons to rejoice this spring

Decorate it for St Patrick’s Day with greens or green cloth, and fill it with names of people you are praying will believe in Jesus, and green shamrocks for friends who are Christians

Decorate it for lent with a dead branch, a cross (tie two cinnamon sticks together for a sweet smelling one), and a journal to write in each day. Write to ask Jesus to forgive you, write love notes to Jesus, and write verses you are learning during lent.

Decorate a friendship basket for a friend. Use her favorite colors. Decorate t with a bow, stickers, or flowers. Fill it with notes of why you like your friend, snacks for a picnic together, or a little gift.

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