Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I am Irish and I’ve been to Ireland (it really is very green)…
            Dreams of travel to far away places and dreams of what we’ll do when we grow up can come true, and it doesn’t matter where we start. St Patrick started out in a good home in a family that had some money, but he was kidnapped and served as a slave for years. After slavery he traveled and became a preacher. He was a Bishop. He went back to Ireland where Druids had enslaved him and shared about Jesus and the trinity.

            Wear green to celebrate how Patrick shared his faith.

                        Wear gold and dream of golden opportunities of future
career, family, travel, and ministry.

Decorate a cake

            Frost a cake white. Then use green and yellow sprinkles to form special designs. Cut bottom off 3 small paper cups. Gently press the open bottoms on the frosting, close together, to form a shamrock. Drop the sprinkles inside the cup, lift off the cups and you’ll have the top of the shamrock in green. Squish one cup to form a stem shape, press lightly onto the frosting at bottom of shamrock, drop in sprinkles to form the stem, and lift cup off. Roll a 2-inch square piece of cardstock into a small circle. Press one end lightly onto the frosting and drop in yellow sprinkles to form gold coins.

And enjoy how the world outside is turning more green again as spring approaches!

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