Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break and Mrs. Noah

Hi! It's spring break here. We'd planned to go to a park tomorrow where everyone could do what they most wanted--fish, wade, climb, hike.... But it's supposed to rain! I wish we could have our fun day out, but there are lots of things to do when it rains--play board games, play Wii (that gets everyone moving), read, watch movies and eat popcorn and so on.

I wonder what the Noah family did to pass time on the ark while it rained? Not only were they on there for the forty days it rained, but they had to stay on their floating home much, much longer while all the rain went down and the land became dry enough to live on again.

God looked down from heaven at the world he'd made and only the Noah family were trying to obey his commands. He asked Mr. Noah and his sons to build a large boat for their family and pairs of animals. How the neighbors must have laughed at and made fun of the Noah family. But they chose to say "yes" to God's plan anyway. That's how they ended up building a boat and being safe while everyone else was destroyed.

We hear about Mr. Noah in the Bible stories, but Mrs. Noah played a big part in the story too. She probably took care of the house and feeding her family while they were busy building and readying the boat. And once they were on board, there was still work to be done. The animals had to be fed and so did the Noah family.

But they still probably had a lot of free time on their hands. What do you suppose they did to pass the time? What's your favorite rainy day activity?


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