Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celebrate School Ending

Aloha from Karen,
I'm off to see my son graduate from college (well he already did that before and now he's getting another degree)
Some of you are already out for the summer and others will be out soon. Celebrate completing the year and learning more. Plan a party with a friends or family. Sherry gave us a list of fun activities for the summer. You can print those as bookmarks for party favors.

Decorations could be stars for passing, a sun for summer fun, or a footprint for moving up to the next level.

Decorations can be related to summer fun, such as beach balls, pails and shovels, Frisbees, jump ropes, and sandals. Beach towels can be used for table clothes. Fill a metal bucket with sand and add candles in it for the new grade.

Treats should be super cool ones like ice cream and watermelon, plus some good healthy like sandwiches or salads.

Games can include musical beach towels (instead of chairs), make a match-up game of names and activities friends will be doing over the summer, and beach ball math (write numbers on the ball and have people add, subtract, or multiply the two numbers under their hands when the ball is caught. Use chalk on the sidewalk to make pictures or games.

Have a craft area to make a memory page for a scrapbook. It's a good time to capture memories of the year that ended. Print out photos of friends taken during the year (or take some with a digital camera  as people arrive and print them on a computer. Supply the craft area with paper, stickers, adhesive, and scissors. Let everyone be creative. Sign friends' pages or write notes friends' pages.

Add a little devotional fun as a reminder to connect to God over the summer. Read how Jesus grew in grace and stature in Luke 2:52, ask each person what skill they want to improve over the summer, and then hold hands and pray for safe, happy, and productive summers.

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