Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's All About the Journey

Hi. This is Kathy. Last time I posted I wanted to post pictures but I was on a different computer and it wouldn't let me. So here are pictures of our recent trip.

When I travel with my kids, it's all about the journey. I'm not too concerned with making deadlines and I never drive straight through to somewhere. We stop and explore new places and new things on our journey. This was true on a recent journey from the Florida panhandle where I live to the Indiana/Michigan border where my mom and sister live.

Here are some pictures--but they are in reverse order! So the last picture is really our first stop and these first pictures were our last stop.

 This is Ruby Falls, TN. We stopped here on our way home.
 This is me in the cave. Ruby Falls is inside a cave.

 This is a spray park near my mom's house. It's fairly new. This was a regular play park when I was growing up.
 Jasmine and I sharing a rootbeer float at DQ after a one-mile (it was really longer!) family walk.
 This is us after the walk.
 These are four of my kids sitting in Yoder's Department store in an Amish town (Shipshewana) near my mom's city. This is the first time the twins have seen Amish people and the first time seeing anyone travel by horse and buggy. 
 My husband's parents took us to a restaurant where they pass the food family style.
 This is Kayla at the zoo trying to see how far she can jump.
 Here we are in the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  
 This is a really cool place. That's why I like stopping along the way on our journeys.

 Botanical gardens. I didn't find this place very exciting but it was okay. If you like planting gardens and working with flowers, you'd probably love this place.
So, for us. It's all about the journey. And it's a little like that in our Christian life too. Sure, God could have us all come home to heaven right now, but he doesn't. That's because he has a journey planned for us here on earth. Your journey includes school and maybe later on college or work or marriage. God knows all the people you'll meet along the way. He puts people in your path that you can learn from and he puts some there that will learn from you. You never know why things happen in your life, but no matter what you face-good or bad--think of it as being part of your journey and make the most of every opportunity.

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