Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebrate July 4th

Another holiday is coming so it's time to celebrate!

Aloha from Karen. I'm spending the weekend with family so that will be fun.

First think about why we have this holiday.
Our founding fathers and mothers worked hard to make this country free and a place where we have freedom to worship God. Thank God for freedom and pray for our country to continue to be free.

Read the Declaration of Independence and chat about the use of God in it.

Then decorate with patriotic colors! Add red, white, and blue wherever possible. Her are some ideas:

Glue red, white, and blue beads to straps of flip-flops.

Add ribbons or lengths of wired star garlands to hair bands and visors

Wrap double-sided tape around a pencil and then sprinkle glitter in patriotic colors ver tape until all the tape is covered.

Use whip cream, strawberries, and blueberries to create beautiful fruit desserts.

Get creative.
Make a Star T-shirt.
This is a variation of painting a stained-glass T-shirt in God’s Girls #1, page 97 where you can find detailed directions. Here are some simple directions:
Put cardboard inside shirt to keep paint from bleeding through and to keep part of T-shirt to be painted flat. Use masking tape to outline a star shape on the shirt. Use very thin masking tape in short strips to form a stained glass pattern inside the star, crisscrossing from one edge to another edge. Then use fabric paints in red, blue, and silver and a sponge to dab paint onto open areas inside the star. Let dry. Remove tape and you’ll have a colorful star painted on the shirt with white lines to give a stained glass effect.

Play some games. Churches all over the colonies rang bells to celebrate the declaration and when the war ended. Play some bell games. Here are two ideas:

Let one person ring a bell while the others close their eyes and guess where the sound is coming from.

Set a times that rings when it goes off (cell phones can do this). Pass a ball and see who ends up holding it when the bell goes off.

Have fun!

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