Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Dreaming

Aloha from Karen,

Summer's a great time to relax and daydream. Take some time to dream about the future. Pray about it too. Think about what you want to do next year, next summer, and even when you grow up.

Then consider turning some of those dreams into reality. To do that, write each dream as a goal and list what you need to reach the goal.

For example, if you want to take a summer mission trip that will mean raising funds to go (finding sponsors or seeing if your church will help you with fundraisers) and possibly getting good grades in school so you won't need to go to summer school.

Or if you want a career that takes college or other training you'll need to get good grades in school and may need to start saving toward that goal or help your parents start a college fund and find ways to help your family save money.

If you want to grow up, get married, and have a family, or live on your own, you will need to learn to cook, manage a house, and shop for groceries. You could start working on those skills now.

For many future careers summer may be a good time to visit or shadow someone with a job you'd like to have someday. Talk with people to find someone in a career you'd like. Find out hat it takes and ask to visit them on the job to learn and see what they do. Also check out the carer online (with parent's permission to safely browse the internet for the information).

Check out a few dreamers in the Bible. God sent them special dreams. Jacob (Genesis 28:10-12), Joseph (Gnesis 37:5), Pharaoh (Genesis 41:1-31), Solomon (1 Kings 3:5). 

Have fun,

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