Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hi, Sherry here, writing from my laptop in central California. This morning my daughter got braces on her teeth. She has an upper tooth that is in cross bite (or inside) when she bites. If we left it that way, she could wear down the tooth. Braces were the best option to make sure she has a good, healthy bite.

Why do people get braces?

To straighten teeth—sometimes teeth come in crooked or misaligned causing difficulties when eating.

To fix a bad bite—some people have over bites where the upper jaw and teeth jut out too far forward, while others have under bites, when the bottom teeth and jaw extend too far forward and the upper teeth sit inside when chewing. If the bite is off, other problems can occur such as jaw problems or headaches.

For cosmetic reasons—some people don’t really need braces, but want to improve their smile. For example, someone with spaces between their teeth might want to get braces to close the gaps for that “perfect” smile.

If you dentist suggests a trip to the orthodontist, it would be best to follow his recommendation. Don’t worry! A lot of kids your age have braces. I’m sure my daughter will discover that many of her friends also got braces over the summer.

Do you wear braces?

Chime in and let us know how long you’ve been wearing them.  

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