Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cleaning you room by making choices

Aloha from Karen,
It's good to clean your room--but that means getting rid of stuff and that can be hard.

Try these useful tips on what to do with stuff you need to part from but have a hard time letting go.

Note:  Do these on separate days- choose one a day!
1. Clothes that don’t fit
    a. Give to younger relative
    b. Give to needy neighbor with children that size
    c. Give to charity
2. Worn out clothes you love
    a. Cut a scrap for an album and throw away the rest
    b. Take a farewell photo in it then throw away
    c. Hang in room as a banner
    d. Use as a rag
    e. Put in the bottom of a box of good stuff and give it to charity.
3. Old school papers
    a. File the ones you want to keep, alphabetically by subject
    b. Throw away ones not needed
    c. Put ones you want as a memory in a scrapbook
    d. Put in a box in the attic with a date on them and throw them away in a
year. Write “ Toss on (date)”  on the side of the box.
4. Childhood box for attic: fill one box/plastic container with things to
someday give your own children
    a. Favorite toys
    b. Favorite outgrown outfit in good condition
    c. Favorite book
    d. Best schoolwork
5. Stuffed animals
    a. Out of every two choose one to keep and one to give to charity
    b. Make a shelf display of favorite animals
    c. Add one to childhood box for attic
    d. Take photos of animals before giving away
6. Consider this, then take 5 photos and give things photographed away:
    a. A memory photo takes less room than the item
    b. A photo can be displayed or put in album
    c. Others may need items more than you do
    d. Photo memories can be shared with future generations
    e. You can write a story/poem/reflections to keep with a photo
7. Junk drawer
    a. Dump into box and put back only what you need
    b. Throw out all broken items
    c. Give away all you don’t need
8. Shoes
    a. Choose best pairs to keep
    b. Get rid of outgrown ones (Don’t forget the charity box.)
    c. Toss away worn out ones
    d. Clean dirty ones
    e. Make or get a storage holder for shoes- keeps off dust and keeps
closet neater
9. Games
    a. Keep any played in the last month
    b. Throw out any broken games/ones missing important pieces
    c. Give away ones not played in last 6 months
    d. Can put one in childhood box
10. Craft supplies/kits
    a. Look at uncompleted ones- discard those you don’t like
    b. Choose one craft to finish and give away at least one unfinished
    c. Have a craft party and let each guest make and keep a craft
    d. Throw out broken/no longer good supplies, like dried paints
11. School supplies
    a. Discard broken pens/markers/etc.
    b. Give away ones you never use/excess if you have too many
    c. Organize keepers in a silverware divider or other container
    d. Throw away or put in album old school notes/ticket stubs, etc.
12. Hair accessories
    a. Discard broken/worn out items
    b. Give away ones not used in past 6 months
    c. Any that match only one hanging outfit, hang with outfit
    d. Choose or make a storage container/drawer dividers for storing items.
13. Makeup
    a. Toss out broken/used-up makeup
    b. Keep in convenient small case what is used daily
         (I use a heavy sandwich bag in my purse.)
    c. Sort and keep extras in a makeup case
    d. Store extras in closet or under bathroom sink
    e. Give away extras/those not your colors or out of style stuff

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