Saturday, August 20, 2011

Organizing for School

Aloha from Karen,
        School starts all too soon, so get organized to succeed. Prepare to track homework and reports due and set up a study area that fit's your personality and learning style.
        Track assignments with a calendar, day planner, or sticky notes-whichever works for you. With a giant wall calendar you can use different colored markers to visually show deadlines (red letter dates) and test dates (yellow highlights) and vacations. A day planner is good for tracking details and writing in every little assignment. If you're not tuned in too calendars you might want to put sticky notes where you'll notice them-on a mirror or closet door, with reminders of deadlines and tests. Also check the best way to let your family know your important school dates and deadlines. They may need a wall calendar in the kitchen or a school folder where you can slip in notes of your needs and deadlines.
      Your place to study is important. Consider whether you work best in quiet and order, or around people and with a study buddy. If quiet is important find a place away from noise where you can be alone, probably in your room. If you like to study with noise then set up a corner of the family room, or make a place for friends to come and study, possibly with pillows to sit on the floor. 
     Be sure to have good lighting where you study and a cabinet or desk stocked with supplies, such as pens, paper, pencils, rulers, markers, and report covers.
     Consider what most sidetracked you in past school years as well as what helped the most. For any problem areas brainstorm with a parent or friend about ways to overcome the problem. This might mean noticing fast if you are having trouble understanding a subject and getting a tutor, or if you tend to get too busy and skip studying (you might need to say no to some activities).
     Spend a weekend or a few days organizing and also praying about the school year.

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