Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's MAY! Yeah spring!

Aloha from Karen
Yeah! The leaves are growing, grass is turning green, and flowers are popping out! I like the fresh scents even though some make me sneeze or get my eyes watering. I hope you have a garden or windowsill to grow some plants.

You can out a little dirt in egg cups of an egg carton, or paper cups, and add marigold seeds. Place them in the sun and add water as needed. Soon seedlings will sprout and grow. When they are a few inches tall you can plant them in a garden or a flower pot. I planted a new type of petunia this year called Black Velvet. It's black with five golden yellow streaks to look like a shooting star in the center. It's fun to wander with your mom or dad in a nursery and find a new plant or flower to grow. You could grow lots of marigolds and sell them to neighbors, or give them as gifts.

It's also fun to grow something to eat, like strawberries, tomatoes, or peas. Peas sprout fast but need a little shade. Buy seed packets and follow the directions. The packages have lots of helpful tips.

Make and add some fun markers to the garden. Use tongue depressors and permanent markers to write the names of the plants. Add a design or a tiny picture of the flower or vegetable. Coat it with clear nail polish to give it a shine, and stick each stick in the soil next to the plant.

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