Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Travel and Bible Travel

Aloha from Karen,

Summer fun often includes travel. I’m flying to Atlanta tomorrow. You may be riding in boats, planes, buses, cars, or on bicycles or horses, or even walking. Have someone photograph you in various modes of transportation you use this summer. Make scrapbook pages using the photos and journal about your travels.

Do you know how people traveled in Bible times?  See if you can fill in who traveled these different ways. If you need help, check out the Bible verses. Answers will be posted later.

  1. Rode a donkey who kept turning off the path
  2. In a fiery chariot
  3. Walked along the beach
  4. Walked on water
  5. Horse
  6. Boat
  7. Ship traveling away from where God sent him
  8. Traveled by wagon with his family
  9. Caravan (probably with camels)-
  10. Teleported
  11. Walked on road to Emmaus
  12. Carried on a mat
  13. In a pillar of cloud
  14. Flew carrying a burning coal
  15. Ship going to Rome

Clues (verses)
Acts 23:23-24              Exodus 13:21
Genesis 46:5                Matthew 4:18
Numbers 22:22-35       Isaiah 6:6
Acts 8:27-28                Mark 2:1-5
Genesis 24:10              Jonah 1:3
Acts 27:2                     Matthew 14:29
Acts 8:39-40                Luke 24:13-17

Have fun traveling and don't forget to pack your Bible on trips!

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