Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July fun!!

It's hot outside and that makes it a great time to think cool and wintry thoughts!

Aloha from Karen,
Monday is July 25 and that's the day to celebrate Christ's birth, renew your Christmas spirit, and even get a head start on Christmas plans.  So gather friends or family, set the AC to a bit  cooler, play some icy fun games (Icy fun activities can be found at this link) and sing Christmas carols. You can even hold a birthday party for Jesus and let everyone write a note to Jesus (maybe with a promise to do something special to show your love) and wrap it up.

Make cupcakes with green frosting or Rice Krispies (TM) treats Christmas shapes. Roll into tubes and twist into wreaths, or press and cut a star, or mold into a creche. Make it a fun contest or choose to have each person draw a shape to make a complete display. Use lots of red and green sprinkles for some Christmas sparkle.

Also take time to thank God for coming and to recall your favorite memories from last Christmas. You could even have people bring Christmas photos from the past and make scrapbook pages.

And remember to read the Christmas story from the Bible! It's in the beginning of Luke and Matthew. You could also read favorite Christmas stories or watch special Christmas DVDS.

Merry Christmas!

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