Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Those of us writing this blog write books for Legacy. But what we do is only a little of what really goes on. Once we write the book, other people edit it, illustrate it, print it, add the cover, and get it ready to ship. It takes a lot of people to get a book from the words we write to the actual book you buy at a store.

This past week was The International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta. The people from Legacy took all the books to Atlanta and displayed them so that book store owners around the world can see what 's available and sell them in their stores.

This is Monica.

And this is me (Kathy) and Rachel with the Legacy display. She's all dressed up but I'm not because I was on the way to the park to run in the water fountains with my twins.

Rachel and Monica do a lot of the behind the scenes work in letting people know about our books.
Centennial Olympic Park next door to the convention center was a really neat place to hang out.
I took four of my children to ICRS with me and we got to meet a lot of awesome people. These are the brothers who wrote Facing the Giant, Fireproof and Courageous. We got to see Courageous even though it's not in theaters until Sept 30.

Of course Bob and Larry were there, and we got to see The Little Drummer Boy Veggie Tales movie that will release in the fall.

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