Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quiz Book just for You

Later this year I have a new book coming out called The Christian Girl's Guide to Me: The Quizbook. It has 25 quizzes with titles like:
Are You a Good Loser?

Follow, Lead or Stay at Home?
Are You Clothes Crazy?
Are You Content?
What Does Your Room Say about You?

Besides 25 quizzes written just for girls like you, there are puzzles, crafts, stories and activities. This book will be fun to do alone, but will be much more fun shared with a friend.

Here's one of the quizzes (but when you see it in the book it'll have drawings and lots of fun activities with it)

Are You a Good Loser?

   Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might... (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

   It's fun to win, but it's not much fun to lose!  However, it's important for you to be both a good winner and a good loser. It's all about attitude. The key is to have a good attitude at all times no matter what happens. How well do you do at that? Take the quiz below to find out. Read each question and then circle the letter in front of the answer that sounds most like what you would do.

 1. Middle school cheerleading tryouts are taking place. It's your turn and you're doing great. Just as you do your final jump, your foot slips and you fall. What do you do?
A. Get up, smile, and finish.
B. Blame whoever was supposed to clean the floor.
C. Leave the floor and hope the judges liked the rest of your routine.

2. You arrive early at the science fair and discover that you won the grand prize. Then you notice that the girl who always teases you for being slowest in PE didn't place at all. What do you do when she walks in?
A. Find one good thing about her project to compliment her for.
B. Say, "Ha! You might be better in PE but I aced you in the science fair."
C. Ignore her and spend time with your friends, enjoying your moment of fame.

3. Your girls’ basketball team is playing a team known for fouling. You've been elbowed several times. But then you come down from a rebound and hit one of their players in the head with your elbow. What do you say?
A. “Oops, sorry.”
B. “Move next time.”
C. Nothing.

4. You and another band member are playing a duet at the city competition. You don't place well. What do you say?
A. Maybe if I practice more I'll do better next time.
B. Maybe if you would have practiced we'd have done better.
C. I guess the judge thought we didn’t  play well.

5. You pride yourself on being a good writer. You place second in an essay contest. When you read the essay that beat yours what do you think?
A. That's a really well-written essay.
B. Mine should have won.
C. I wish I had won.

How did you do?
If you had mostly A's, you are a good sport! You like to win, but you accept it when you lose. You try to congratulate the winner. And if you are the winner, you make sure to say something nice to the loser. Way to go!

If you had mostly B's, you need to practice your sportsmanship skills! We'd all like to win but that rarely happens. Don't blame others when you lose. Just determine to do better the next time. And when you win, do it graciously not rudely. Real winners have good attitudes!

If you had mostly C's, you aren't a poor sport, but you're not really a good sport, either. Go a step further and compliment the winner, or if you are the winner, say something nice to the loser. It's good to be able to both win and lose well.

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