Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday

Aloha from Karen,

It’s so hard to have a pet die.
It’s even harder to have someone you love die. 
But it happens. It hurts even when we know there’s heaven. 
                      We are lonely and miss the one we loved.

 And tomorrow is the day we remember that Jesus died for us.
            His mother stood at the cross.
                        The disciple John stood at the cross.
                                    Others watched.

The soldiers just wanted his cloak.
One sinner on a cross reached out to ask Jesus to remember him and 
       the man received eternal life.
            The Pharisees, Sadduces, and other leaders wanted him gone.

It’s called Good Friday and we wonder why it can be called good when Jesus died
            It was good for us and all Christians.
                        For Jesus did not remain death. He rose.
                               He showed us believers
                                 will rise and go to heaven.

Sweetness of good news mixed with sorrow.

Make a cross to remember this day.
            Take two cinnamon sticks and tie them together
                 to form a cross.
            Use yarn to wrap around the sticks
                  like making a God’s eye.
                       Wrap a little way around and then tie the ends.

Push a safety pin or jewelry pin through the ribbon in the back
          and wear it as a pin.
               Or tie on another piece of yarn or ribbon
                    to form a necklace to wear.
The cinnamon sticks smell sweet.
They remind us of the good that came
            because Jesus died.

The cross is a reminder that He died.

He rose, so Happy Easter!!

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