Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter is coming---and so is Holy Week

Aloha from Karen

 Easter is coming and that's exciting-Easter baskets, egg hunts, new clothes, and especially celebrating Jesus is Risen! But there's a whole week that many churches think about before Easster and you can make a bracelet as a Holy week reminder. Those are days when Jesus rode on a donkey and people cheered, Jesus celebrated Passover and gave us the gift of the Last Supper, and then the whole trial, crucifixion, death, burial, and waiting for Jesus to rise.

Gather colored beads or make your own beads. Simple cut colored paper into triangles (1 inch wide by 2 inches long) and roll the paper triangle around a toothpick, starting at the 1-inch wide end, and dab a little glue at the tip of the tiny end of the paper to glue it down. Slide out the toothpick (it leaves a hole in the bead for stringing it).

Choose the colors you want to use for the different events of the week Jesus died and string them to make a bracelet (or necklace). Here are suggestions:
Green and purple for the Triumphant parade. Green for palm branches and purple because he was their king and purple is the color of royalty

White or yellow for bread he blessed at the Last Supper

Pink for a kiss from Judas who betrayed him

Brown for a judge's gavel as a reminder of the trial

Orange for rooster feathers for Peter who denied Jesus 3 times before the rooster crowed

Grey for the crown of thorns they placed on his head

Brown for the cross that he hung on

Red for the blood Jesus shed and because he loves us

Black for inside of the dark tomb and for his death

White for Easter when Jesus rose!

You can use the beads to think about what happened and to share what happened. It's a way to wear and share about Jesus!

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