Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome Girls to a place for sharing Faith and Fun!

Welcome girls and Aloha from Karen (I like to say ALOHA because I lived in Hawaii for a few years and it means hello, goodbye, and i love you all at the same time-great to have a word that says so much)
            This blog is all about YOU, GOD, FAITH, and FUN!
It’s a place where four authors of great books for girls from Legacy Press will share more from topics in our popular books through posts and responses to comments.
Through comments we invite you to add your thoughts, ideas, and reflections.

Let us know what you like best about the books and being a girl, 
             share what God is doing in your life, and 
                       chat about fun you’ve had with the books. 

We’ll be chatting about the topics in the books. We'll also give you craft tips and ideas. If you have not read all our books, here’s a glimpse of what’s in them:

The Christian Girl Guides by authors here include guides to Being Your Best, Style, Your Mom, and the Bible. Wow! That’s a lot to chat about from fashion and looks, mother-daughter fun and relationship, to knowing God and His Word, and becoming the best woman you can as you grow! Every book includes activities and crafts as well as super information.
The books also talk about problems in life and we’ll discuss those too because we all have rough days, get hurt, or need to deal with someone who seems to be making our life, well, miserable.
God’s Girls (GGs) are full of crafts, party themed ideas, and devotions on women in the Bible. There are crafts to wear, make as gifts, help you in your faith, decorate your bedroom, and even to organize you room. Parties include ideas for invitations, foods, games, and faith activities all around a theme. The book also looks at women in the Bible and the ups and downs in their lives.

Just For Me (J4me) books focus on friends, family, and the Bible. Again, the books are packed full of ideas, games, and crafts. These books also have quizzes…
             that’s reminds me we’ll post some quizzes and even times someone can win one of our books or something else (but for these you’ll need your mom to give permission to email an address for sending the prize). YEAH PRIZES!

YOU WILL BE FIRST TO KNOW (get the real scoop)
And you’ll be among the first to know when a new book will be released because we will announce that here! There are already some in the works.

Our real launch is March 1st  but we'll have a little on before then.

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